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Sunday, August 15 2004, 01:05PM

Back from Sicily!

I'm back from my three weeks vacation to Sicily!
I got home yesterday at 4:30 PM, but didn't have enough time to update my weblog yet (please excuse).

Anyway, It was awesome and very hot (as to be expected).
Like I stated before I went on vacation; I went by train, and, let me tell you, the 30-hour trip was very draining.
I got to see a lot though, on the way to Sicily, we stopped for 10 hours in Rome (waiting for the next train).
Well, the good news is that I got to see Rome, and the Colosseum.
The bad news is that it was raining the entire fucking day and besides going to the Colosseum, we were at the station the entire time because of that.
And, on top of that, the best part (nothern italy) was done at night. :(
But even so, there was still lots to see the rest of the trip.

Having arrived in Messina by a ferry boat, we were picked up by my niece (who was to be married that week) and brought to the house of her mother (my aunt).
We stayed there until after the wedding (it was a great wedding, but the actual wedding ceremony was done in, like, 20 minutes, if that).
After the wedding, me, my little brother, my big brother and his girlfriend went to my fathers' house (in Giarre).
We stayed there for the remaining two weeks.

In those two weeks, we've been going to a lot of tourist-places (like Taormina/Gardina) because my big brothers' girlfriend has never been there, and wants to see all of those things.
We've also been going to the beaches a lot of times to cool down.

I've also spent a lot of money there, not just on the tons icecream either.
I bought a DivX/XviD capable DVD (plus and minus) player there for 75 Euro's.
Works great, I can now watch all the movies/anime I've downloaded on it. :D

By the way, in the previous entry to my weblog, I failed to mention that also my mom's boyfriend was going with us (also by train — obviously).
Having said that, I can now continue; my mom and her boyfriend stayed the week after the wedding in Lipari (a beautiful island off the coast of Sicily).

At the end of those three weeks, I was really looking down on the 30-hour trip back by train.
Again, the best parts were done at night, and again, I slept little.
But I was really glad when I got home again.
The first thing I did was check out a few files on my new DVD player. :)

After that, I had dinner, and got on my computer.
I expected there to be a lot of E-Mails in my inbox, like previous years I went on vacation.
And, I was correct; 589 new E-Mails, most from Bugtraq, others spam, and a few from known people.
There also were over a hundred new updates in Portage, and a hell of a lot of news relating to Mortal Kombat (with MK: Deception nearing release).
I started the updates to Gentoo last night, which lasted until early this morning.

Anyway, I'm catching up on news as I go, and I'll be back on track within the next few days, heh.
It's good to be back. :)


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