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Random entry: #230

Saturday, November 25 2006, 08:20PM

GamePlay, Nintendo Wii!

Yesterday, me, Ralf, Nick and Patrick attended the annual HCC fair in Utrecht (albeit we actually only attended the GamePlay portion of it due to circumstances) where I got to play the Nintendo Wii for the very first time! :D:D

I have to say I've taken a very strong liking to the console already and I can't wait to get it myself! :)

Games I played on the Wii were Duck Hunt, Excite Truck, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Medal of Honor (which freaggin' sucked) and loads of other games that were put up to get the feel of the controller and handling.
Games I only saw (not played) were: Zelda, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam, Red Steel and Warioware.

It was really very hilarious and lots of fun playing Wii Sports (Tennis) with all four of us. :D

The handling of the controller is very well in some games (such as Wii Sports, Excite Truck) but lacking and downright horrible in others (mainly just Medal of Honor).
Other than that, I'm very positive of the innovative new controller and I very much hope that it is to other people as well.

On other non-Wii related topics, I also waited in line for 30 minutes to see a short 4-minute presentation of the Playstation 3, and after that actually getting to play it (for 6 minutes). :D

I played Ridge Racer 7 on it, which was beautiful and I very much liked the handling of the cars (as I always have with previous Ridge Race titles); Resistance: Fall of Man, which I didn't like all too much; and another sort-of racing title which was real slow and seemed to be having a lot of FPS-drop issues.
Other games I got to see were an F1 game and I think also another game but I don't remember that one. :P

In all, it was a very lengthy and tiresome day (hence the late entry) but it really was lots of fun. :)


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