Alessandro Gabriële Isidoro Lo-Presti

+ Extended version

Total computer experience: 27 years


Used when I just got started or not doing much in it.
Used when I know at least the basics.
Used when I am proficient in it.
Programming Languages Skill Level
C Intermediate
Borland Delphi Intermediate
Java Intermediate
Visual Basic Intermediate
x86 Assembly (Linux) Beginner
C# Beginner
Perl Beginner
Scripting Languages Skill Level
JavaScript Advanced
Linux shell Advanced
Windows batch Intermediate
ActionScript Beginner
Technologies Skill Level
HTML Advanced
CSS Advanced
PHP Advanced
XHTML Advanced
SSI Intermediate
XSSI Intermediate
SQL Intermediate
XML Intermediate
JSP Beginner
Software Skill Level
Jasc Paintshop Pro Advanced
Jasc Animation Shop Advanced
Macromedia Dreamweaver Advanced
Macromedia Flash Advanced
Microsoft Office Advanced
VI/VIM Advanced
OpenOffice Advanced
Apache Advanced
VMWare Advanced
The Gimp Intermediate
Samba Intermediate
MySQL Intermediate
Netbeans Intermediate
Adobe Photoshop Beginner
Operating Systems Skill Level
Windows XP Professional Advanced
Windows 2000 Advanced
Windows 98 Advanced
Windows 95 Advanced
MS-DOS Advanced
Linux (kernel 2.6, 2.4) Advanced
Solaris (9, 10) Intermediate
Minix (2.0) Intermediate
FreeBSD (6.1-RELEASE) intermediate
OpenBSD (3.9) Intermediate
Plan 9 Beginner